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Andres Ramirez is a PhD student at the department of Industrial Economics and Management (INDEK) in the European doctorate in Industrial Management programme (EDIM). His research interests involve areas of industrial management that support innovation and sustainability in industry and society e.g. open innovation, entrepreneurship, innovation management, project management, but also sustainable development.
He has developed his educational career by studying in several universities in North America and Europe for periods of at least 6 months. These universities include Tec de Monterrey (Mexico City), UBC (Vancouver), LSBF (London), Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh), POLIMI (Milan), Umeå University (Umeå) and currently he is located in KTH (Stockholm). These international experiences have given him the opportunity to immerge, understand and compare different education systems and cultures to widen his worldview.
Andres Ramirez holds a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering from Tec de Monterrey University (2005). He completed a certificate in International Business and Strategic Management from the University of British Columbia (2005) and a post-graduate certificate in Management from London School of Business and Finance (2008). He was awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study his M.Sc. in Strategic Project Management (2010) graduating with distinction and triple degree. In 2011 he joined INDEK as he was awarded a fellowship for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate allowing him to be one of the first nine PhD candidates of the EDIM programme (1st edition).
Before he joined INDEK, his professional career included working with full-time positions or projects in companies like:

• Reader´s Digest (Logistics and Distribution, 2004 - Project)
• L'Oreal (Logistics, 2005 – Project)
• Nestlé (Sales, 2006 – Full Time)
• General Motors (Supply Chain and Purchasing, 2007 – Full Time)
• Chrysler (Procurement and Purchasing, 2008 & 2010 – Full Time)



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Current research:

• Open innovation in the automotive industry: Barriers and drivers (PhD thesis project)

• Influence of a project management-based view on the entrepreneurial process (related to previous topic)

• Integration mechanisms in Open Innovation Projects within inter-organizational networks: private companies and universities (related to master thesis topic)

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